Michelle Yeoh in Lululemon’s Cool Movie: Be Spring

Get ready for a super awesome short film called “Be Spring” by Lululemon, starring the amazing Michelle Yeoh and eight Wing Chun dancers. It’s all about celebrating the arrival of Spring and feeling good in a fun way!

Spring Vibes with Michelle and Wing Chun Dancers

Lululemon’s new short film, “Be Spring,” is like a big, happy welcome to the Spring season. Michelle Yeoh and some cool Wing Chun dancers join the party, and it’s all about spreading good vibes.

Finding Your Own Spring Every Day

The movie wants everyone to find their own “eternal spring” in their everyday lives. That means feeling awesome and happy all the time. So, it’s like a reminder to keep the good vibes going, even on regular days.

Wing Chun Fun with Michelle


Guess what? Michelle Yeoh loves Wing Chun, a type of martial arts. She says it’s extra special to her because it helped her become the awesome actress she is. Back in 1994, she rocked the screen in a movie called “Wing Chun.” Now, 30 years later, she’s teaming up with some super dancers to show off Wing Chun in “Be Spring.”

Inner Spring Power!

Michelle thinks having your “inner spring” all year round is like having a superpower. It means feeling good inside no matter what. She believes being well is all about taking a moment to understand yourself – your mind, body, and spirit. It’s like finding your own balance and peace.

Michelle’s Olympic Dreams and Sports Love

Michelle Yeoh is not just a movie star; she’s also part of the International Olympic Committee. That’s a big deal! She’s excited about bringing the love of sports to more people, especially kids. She thinks sports are super cool and wants everyone to have fun with them.

Sports Are a Big Deal

For Michelle, sports have always been a big part of her life. Now, as an Olympic Committee member, she wants to help more people, especially young ones, enjoy sports. It’s like she’s on a mission to spread the joy of moving around and having a good time.

Michelle’s Feel-Good Message for You

So, what’s the big idea from Michelle Yeoh in “Be Spring”? It’s all about feeling good, finding your happy place, and being active. Whether it’s doing Wing Chun moves or playing sports, the message is to keep your vibes positive and enjoy every moment.

Michelle’s Closing Words

In Michelle’s own words, “Sports have always been an important part of my life, and in my role as a member of the International Olympic Committee, I am committed to helping more people, especially younger generations, benefit from sports.” That means she’s all in for making sure everyone has a chance to have fun with sports and feel good.

Wrapping Up: Be Spring and Be Happy!

Lululemon’s “Be Spring” with Michelle Yeoh is like a burst of happiness and good feelings. It’s a reminder to find your own spring every day, enjoy cool activities like Wing Chun, and have a blast with sports. So, let’s follow Michelle’s lead and make every day a “Be Spring” day – full of smiles and good vibes!